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10 Reasons to Be Proactive & Not Reactive with Business IT

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jan 19, 2019 11:49:00 AM


Outdated, reactive IT services end up costing businesses untold amounts of revenue each year. We are all familiar with the old IT model. Employees submit a help ticket when their computers malfunction, and the IT department does their best to solve the problems. However, as business and technology innovation picks up pace every year, that system is simply too slow. Proactive IT departments anticipate problems before they arise and see opportunities before your competitors. 

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Longer Equipment Life

In addition to preventing potential problems, proactive IT services extend the lifespan of your business’s computing hardware. Without regular maintenance, computer systems slow down, catch malware, and develop problems that accumulate over time. As a result, your business needs to replace the computer prematurely. Over time, replacing poorly maintained computers adds up to a major expense. A proactive IT department that runs routine maintenance on your computer systems can create substantial savings for your business.  


More Efficient IT Department

When your company’s IT staff is not slowed down by trying to react to problems as they arise, they can invest their time in learning more about how to optimize your businesses computer systems and add strategic value to your company. Additionally, a more efficient, proactive IT department can require fewer staff members to effectively maintain your business’s computer systems. 

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Greater Productivity & Less Downtime

Computer problems hurt employee productivity. In addition to repair costs, you can be stuck paying employees to sit around while they wait for the system to be up and running again. Not only does a proactive approach make your IT department more efficient, but it also allows your other employees to be more efficient. 


Fewer Emergencies

Unexpected computer downtime can pose a serious risk to business operations. Computer system errors before a major deadline or while working for a critically important client can seriously harm a business’s operations and reputation. Proactive IT departments schedule regular computer maintenance sessions in advance, allowing businesses to plan for computer downtime. Proactive IT maintenance prevents the need to find alternative solutions at the last minute. 


Efficient Disaster Recovery

Floods, fires, and cyber security breaches can all destroy invaluable data. Without an emergency plan, data essential for the survival of your business could be permanently destroyed. Not only does this risk the reputation and trust of your business, but it also endangers the information your clients entrusted to you. A proactive IT department will plan for these emergencies by backing up your company’s critical data in an offsite or cloud-based location. 


Better Performance

While dramatic computer failures cause obvious harm, smaller problems like dropped calls, lost emails, and computer crashes also reduce your employees’ ability to work. Additionally, managing your company’s relationship with clients becomes more and more difficult when your IT systems can’t keep up. In a professional culture that expects instant feedback and flawless communication, these small interruptions can seriously harm your business’s reputation and competitive edge over time. A proactive IT department will not only minimize these small interruptions but will also seek out opportunities to make your systems more efficient. Instead of risking annoying clients, your IT systems should impress them and attract their business. 


Up-to-Date Technology

It is a cliché that technology moves quickly, yet many companies still trudge along with antiquated computer systems. Reactive IT departments only replace equipment when it begins to malfunction, often long after it has fallen behind its optimal performance. While these companies could have been bringing in more revenue, slow and outdated technology held them back. In contrast, proactive IT providers will use their knowledge of the latest computing technology and of your company’s needs to ensure that your business remains a leader in the industry. 


Planned Growth

As companies expand, so do their computing requirements. An IT department that simply reacts to slow computers, memory shortages, and network limitations will drag down your company’s growth. Proactive IT departments will plan for expansion and strategically upgrade systems to accelerate growth. 


Effective Cyber Security

Cyber threats evolve quickly, adapting to the latest malware protection software in a never-ending game of cat and mouse. As a result, reactive IT departments will ultimately be more vulnerable to cutting-edge cyber attacks. Proactive IT departments will not only constantly seek out the latest cyber security software, patches, and updates, but they will also continually monitor your network to ensure that it have not been compromised. When clients entrust their information to your business, a proactive IT department can assure them that their data is in good hands.  


Business Competitiveness

All the advantages of proactive IT services listed above add up to mean that your business will simply be more competitive with an IT department that seeks out opportunities rather than simply reacting to problems. Employing technology strategically and effectively can be the advantage that propels company growth or the weakness that causes it to fall behind. 


Ultimately, the best way to ensure your company is getting the best IT services available is by using a managed IT service provider (MSP). By contracting out IT services, companies receive depth of expertise that most would be unable to retain in house. MSPs offer their services for a predictable flat rate, eliminating the sudden surprise costs of computer repairs that can shock business revenue. The professional business IT services provided by Dymin Systems include on-site and off-site computer repair, network maintenance, software support, and much more to customers in Urbandale and throughout the Des Moines metro area. Visit Dymin Systems’ website or call us at (515) 412-7121 to learn more about how we can help your business reach its potential! 


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