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A Game Monkey Review – Guild Wars 2

Posted by Robert Hills on Aug 8, 2012 12:00:00 AM



Graphically, the game is just as stunning as when the first Guild Wars was released. One of the first thing you will notice when playing your first game is the art style they choose for the game. It is very stylized—using large brush strokes to make a very unique game experience, which is carried thoughout the game. Another nice effect is the animation when your character stops running or walking, which helps you to believe that the character has real weight and just feels more lifelike.


The game has very nice ambient background sounds that really help to immerse you in the world, but Game Monkey did notice a lack of any actual background music.


The game's controls are very typical of other MMORPGs, giving you access to all your skills and items on an "action bar" and allowing you complete customization over the placement of the skills and choosing what keys to activate each skill with. Nothing groundbreaking but why mess with a recipe that works!

The Verdict

In all, Guild Wars 2 looks very polished for still being in "beta testing". The developers have really be doing some good work! Game Monkey is looking forward to playing the game and seeing all of his readers in the "World vs. World" events. He had a blast trying out the game, which will certainly be at the top of his list of games to play when it is released on 8-28-2012.

Game Monkey gives Guild Wars 2 four out of five bananas!

From Game Monkey, "Good gaming!"

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