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A Game Monkey Review – Killing Floor

Posted by Robert Hills on Dec 12, 2012 12:00:00 AM

kf_box_art_cover-215x300.jpgHello all Game Monkey fans! This month Game Monkey dove into one of his favorite first-person-shooter (FPS) games: Killing Floor. This is not your average FPS game though; Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival-Horror game that adds a touch of Role Playing Game (RPG) too.


Killing Floor was originally a total-conversion mod for the game Unreal Tournament 2004, first released in 2005. The full retail version of Killing Floor was announced in March 2009. With the assistance of the original mod team, Tripwire would be the new developer. Killing Floor was released on May 14, 2009 after about three months of work by a crew of around ten developers.


Now that you know a little about the game’s history, let’s take a look at gameplay. When you start out the game, you will need to pick one of the classes you would like to play. With 7 classes to choose from you, will have your hands full. Game Monkey's two favorite classes are the Firebug and the Support Specialist. The Firebug uses a flame thrower and the Support Specialist uses shotguns.

You can also choose a "skin" for your character. A skin is a term for how your character will look—his costume. If, like Game Monkey, you purchased the downloadable content packs, you will have lots of skins to pick from.

Once your character is chosen, you can start up a game. Killing Floor is played on various maps and either on a public server, with random online players, or a Local Area Network (LAN), if you have a group of friends to play. Since this is a Co-op game, you will want to pay attention to what your teammates choose so you don’t have too many of one class. Since each class specializes in certain weapons and tactics, variety is going to help you win! Remember to look out for your teammates and work together, or you'll have a difficult time beating a map.

Killing Floor is played in "waves", where you'll be battling for survival against hordes of "specimens" (i.e., mutant zombies). Each wave presents you with more and more specimens to survive against as well as stronger specimen types. Some of the specimens have special powers and attacks so you will need to remember how each type will attack you. One of the things I noticed Game Monkey doing a lot was wielding doors shut to create "choke points" for your team to defend. This made it much easier to fight as having specimens attack from only one or two directions is much easier to survive than being surrounded from all directions. They can break down doors you have welded, so you will need to check on them every now and then to make sure the specimens don't break through, which can quickly lead to being overwhelmed. Between each wave you will have a chance to buy weapons, ammo, and armor at the shop. The shop will move around the map to keep people from "camping" at just one spot. Items are purchased with in-game money earned by killing the specimens.

After you have beaten all of the waves, you will have face off against the boss, known as the “Patriarch”. The Patriarch is a super-tough specimen who will chase you around the map, firing missiles at you and your team. It will take a concerted effort and lots of damage to take down the Patriarch, but if you can pull it off, you will have won the game!

There are 5 core maps. With downloaded content that bumps up to 17, with 5 more event maps. Game Monkey suggests trying to play all the maps and practice different strategies and spots to "hunker down" and defend.

Another addicting feature of Killing Floor is leveling-up your classes. Each class has specific goals that must be reached to level up. For example, the Support Specialist needs to deal 25,000 damage with shotguns (though you can use any weapon, only damage with shotguns increases your rank) and weld 2,000 points of reinforcement to doors in order to attain the first level up. Each rank increase bestows you with lots of bonuses for that class, such as better damage, better armor, more speed, or ability to carry more guns at once.


The graphics are great, but do appear a little "dated" by today's standards. The maps are awesome and you'll have a lot of fun exploring and finding new places to stage your defense. The different types of specimens are very unique and really add to the overall survival atmosphere.

Twisted Christmas

One of Game Monkey's favorite times to play Killing Floor is during Christmas. Around that time, the game servers are all automatically updated with special "Twisted Christmas" versions of all the specimens, plus several cool new maps to play on such as Santa's Evil Lair. Some of the specimens you'll fight against are zombie elves, mutated gingerbread men wielding candy cane swords, and evil snowmen that shoot lasers!

The Verdict

Overall Killing Floor is a blast to play and is a must-have at LAN parties with a group of friends to play together.

Games Monkey give Killing Floor 4 and a half out of 5 bananas!

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