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Checklist for Finding a Good Cloud Service Provider

Posted by Mike Hurt on Mar 20, 2018 5:01:00 PM
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One of the most valuable and vital components of any business is the data that keeps it running. It’s essential that business owners back up this data effectively and comprehensively as part of regular, ongoing business operations. For personal files, backing up your home computer ensures that if your hard drive is damaged, destroyed, or suffers a complete failure, you won’t lose precious data. If you don’t regularly back up your data at home and at work, you could lose everything—forever.


Why Use Cloud-Based Data Storage?Don't risk losing your data

Cloud-based data storage services are among the easiest, most affordable ways to back up your data. A cloud-based data storage service provider uploads your data using the internet (or enables you to do so yourself) and stores it on their secure, encrypted servers and file storage system. In this way, your data is protected from physical harm, hackers, and malicious software, safely stored away from your home or business. You can automate backups, ensuring you are always up to date, and can access your data using practically any device with an internet connection.


What to Look for in a Cloud Service Provider

When you upload your data to a cloud-based service provider’s storage systems, you entrust them with the security and safety of that data. Before you share this precious information, use this checklist to evaluate each provider and make sure they offer the security and services you need for your home or business data.  


1. Fees and Charges

Make sure you understand the fees and charges and what you’re getting in return. The pricing scheme should be pay-as-you-go from the outset with the ability to add or subtract services as your needs change. Watch for hidden fees, like charges for terminating your service agreement, and request a copy of the service level agreement (SLA) to be sure you have all the terms and conditions in writing. Most cloud storage solutions charge for the amount of storage space your data uses, measured in gigabytes (GBs) and terabytes (TBs), and by the amount of security protecting the data. You should evaluate each cloud backup solution to determine how you’ll be charged for what kind of security features and make informed decisions based on your needs.


2. Security

Speaking of security, you need to understand the encryption process and algorithms that protect your data in the cloud. If your data includes sensitive customer financial data, health information, legally privileged information, or other data that is extremely sensitive and requires a high level of security, you’ll need to make sure that your storage provider assures and certifies that confidentiality. On the other hand, your travel photos, journal entries, and collected family recipes may be just fine with ordinary levels of security.


3. Technological Capacity

Make sure that your cloud provider can provide the speed and data limits that you need for your home or business data storage, and make sure your system has the appropriate bandwidth to handle the upload processes. Little is more frustrating than moving half of your data to the cloud and then realizing that your provider isn’t going to be able to handle all your storage needs.


4. Customer Service

If you have a problem or need assistance with your data management, your cloud provider should be able to help you at any hour of the day or night. Look for a provider with an excellent reputation for customer service and 24/7 availability. A provider that keeps you informed about the status of your data backup with regular notifications can help give you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.


Ready for a Cloud Storage Solution?

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your critical business or irreplaceable personal data. To learn more about cloud storage, cloud-based data backup services, and recommended cloud service providers, contact Dymin Systems today. We offer secure cloud backup for only $10 a month! Feel free to visit our repair services center and computer sales showroom in Urbandale, Iowa, call us at (800) 811-3661, or reach out to us online by clicking below. We can help you find the best storage solution for you.

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