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Computer Repair Service in Des Moines: 4 Things to Consider

Posted by Mike Hurt on Jun 23, 2016 11:30:00 AM

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Your computer has the blue screen of death…or it won’t turn on at all.

Your programs crash, take forever to load, or aren’t performing well.

You can’t get your devices to work together effectively.

You need IT services and possibly computer repair services. How do you know who to turn to?



Whether you know exactly what’s wrong with your computer or have absolutely no idea why it's not working, it’s vital that you trust the IT services professionals on whom you rely for help. Just like going the doctor or the car mechanic, you should trust that your provider has the knowledge necessary to evaluate your system and diagnose your problems.

When it comes to computer repair, you generally have a lot of options. With so many companies offering IT services, it can be hard to know who really knows what they're doing and who's just a "fly-by-night" operation looking to make some quick cash. A reputable company will have been in business long enough to establish a proven track record.

Reading online reviews is one of the most popular, easiest ways to check into a company's reputation nowadays, but they aren't the only way. And online reviews should be considered with the proverbial grain of salt: it's entirely possible for company employees or friends to write fake, positive reviews of their own services or products. One of the best indicators of a truly professional and reputable company is how they respond to negative online reviews. It's usually pretty easy to tell who really cares about their customers by how well they handle these adverse situations.

Another great indicator as to a company's quality and reputation is its own website.  An IT services company whose website is outdated, hastily thrown together, or has a lot of contradictions shows that they may not put forth much effort.


Service Guarantee 

When you have a computer problem, you want it fixed right—and fixed the first time! A company with a service guarantee has a vested interest in ensuring their technicians are experts. It shows they have the experience and know-how to fix customers' computers right the first time! While it's impossible to predict or prevent every possible computer problem, a reputable IT company will stand behind their service to ensure you get a total computer solution, and not just a "quick fix."

A quality IT repair service will also perform a complete range of PC and laptop computer repair services, including upgrades and part replacement, data recovery, system board soldering, computer cleaning, and much more. Ensuring that your computer is and remains free of malware, spyware, and viruses is essential to maintaining optimal performance. Make sure that your IT repair team comprehensively scours your machine for issues, removes them, and implements measures to prevent future infiltration.

If you have a number of business computers, a home business with significant IT needs, or other regular IT issues, you might consider engaging an IT company with a fixed pricing model. This means that you pay one flat rate to keep your machines repaired, healthy, and up to date on preventive solutions rather than calling a tech support person every time something breaks. If your managed IT service provider is a one-stop shop, offering hardware, software, networking, and support solutions, you can be sure that your service needs will always be met.



In addition to the convenience that a local repair and IT service company offers, doing business with a local company helps assure you get the service you need from trustworthy, community-based service professionals. By choosing a local company, you also are able to scout out their physical office before you make your choice. You can learn a lot about a business simply by visiting.

Computer repair companies that are very large, such as the Best Buy Geek Squad, don't always perform their repairs locally. Many times, computers are actually either repaired remotely or automatically through "scripts" or shipped off to a repair "depot" where repairs are performed in bulk. The impersonal, disconnected nature of this kind of service can lead to less-than-optimal quality repairs.

When researching computer companies online, you also need to be wary of national repair chains offering to repair your computer for a really low price. These companies have a tendancy to crop up and disappear at an alarming rate, and you'll never have the same personal level experience that you'd get at a local IT company.


Quick Turnaround 

No one wants to be without their computer! For many, our computers run our lives, and being without them is frustrating at best and catastrophic at worst. Many computer repair shops are small, and they just don't have the physical manpower, tools, or experience necessary to repair computers quickly. Look for a computer repair company with a guaranteed turnaround.


Founded in 2001, Dymin Systems is the only full-service computer repair shop in Des Moines, Iowa, that guarantees to fix your PC within the first 24 hours. We also offer free pickup and delivery within the Greater Des Moines area, including West Des Moines, Clive, Windsor Heights, Johnston, Ankeny, Waukee, and Grimes.

Dymin is the oldest and most experienced IT company in the Des Moines metro. We've been honored to receive the Cityview Best of Des Moines and AngiesList Super Service Awards, and we have the best online reviews in town. We guarantee every repair and every solution we offer! If it's not fixed right, we'll come to YOU to make it right. And we're the only company left in town who offers full warranties on all the parts that we sell or install.  

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