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Should I Let My Kids Have Their Own Computers?

Posted by Mike Hurt on Nov 29, 2017 3:01:00 PM
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mother child laptop.jpgIf you're a parent, your child has probably begged you for a computer at some point. Some kids are intent on getting the latest and greatest laptop or tablet to chat with friends, post photos, and search the web. Maybe you have a teenager who wants a powerful desktop computer for gaming.

If you're hesitant to give in and buy a new computer for your child, you're not alone. Consider these factors before deciding whether to give your child a personal computer.


Valuable Learning Tools

Though a computer can give your child access to objectionable online material and addictive video games, it can also be a tremendous academic resource. A computer provides access to supplemental learning materials, educational forums, and research materials and allows your child to type up papers without making a trip to the library or tie up your computer.


Health Considerations

Unrestrained computer use can negatively impact your child's health. If you suspect that your child will be perpetually glued to the screen, surfing the web and playing computer games, having their own personal computer might not be the best idea. However, you can prevent this situation by setting time limits on your child's computer use from the beginning.

Limited Screen Time

Consider restricting your child's computer time to an hour or two per day. The primary purpose of the computer should be to assist with school work and other educational (and for teens, job-related) pursuits. Set a rule that your child must set a timer before getting on the computer. Once the timer goes off, it's time to either turn off the computer or explain why they need more time.

5 Cornerstones of Home Computer Security

Teach Your Kids Proper Internet Skills

A child's experience with a computer depends on how they use it. It's up to you to teach your youngster how to use the internet wisely. Guide your teen or tween through the basics of web searches, navigating online academic materials, posting questions on web-based academic forums, and avoiding vulgar material. Teach your children about the dangers of downloading unfamiliar files, visiting sites labeled as unsafe, threats on social media, and potential abusers who prowl the web for vulnerable children.


You Don't Have to Buy New

If buying a brand new computer doesn't make financial sense, consider buying a refurbished one. Some computer stores will provide warranties for refurbished computers that last for the same amount of time (or even longer!) than a brand new computer.

Refurbished computers can actually be better quality than new ones—if you buy the right one. Work with a knowledgeable computer company to help you choose the best solution. With their name and reputation on the line, they will likely only offer top quality computers that have been thoroughly tested. A refurbished http://www.dyminsystems.com/computer that was high end when it was new will usually run much faster than an inexpensive new computer. Refurbished computers can be equipped with the most up-to-date technology. More inexpensive new computers often use outdated technology to keep the price down.


The Computer Experts Are at Your Service

If anything goes wrong with any of the computers in your home, call the experts at Dymin for help. Our tech experts understand the nuances of desktops, laptops, and tablets. We sell new and refurbished computers in our store in Urbandale. We also provide support, managed IT services, asset recovery and data backup assistance. Our tech gurus are even willing to make a house call to troubleshoot and repair your computer. Contact us today!

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