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Take Your Phone System to the Cloud

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jun 25, 2020 2:45:00 PM


A phone system is essential for the success of any business. Your phone system must be able to adapt and adjust as your company changes in size. However, many phone systems have been eliminated due to the rise in cloud-based phone systems. Using a cloud-based phone system not only allows you to reduce set up and maintenance costs, on-site hardware and IT support and manage your phone communications in a less expensive way,


6 Reasons to Switch to the Cloud

There are a variety of benefits involved in switching from an old-school phone system to a more efficient cloud-based voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology.


1. Additional Functionality  

The cloud offers access to other tools besides phone services, including CRM tools, email, instant messaging, videoconferencing and more.


2. Options to Pick Your Features 

A cloud-based phone system allows you to choose a la carte the features to use, including high-end business features. Employees can access critical business software through any smartphone, tablet or computer, simply by logging into their account in the cloud.

Features such as virtual receptionists or auto attendants can direct calls without the additional cost of hiring someone to fill that role. The “call groups” feature can help businesses maximize their staff during peak times, so incoming calls go to multiple extensions if not picked up. These features get rid of voicemails, which sometimes are never checked.


3. Increased Flexibility  

Today, employees increasingly want more flexibility. A cloud-based phone system provides employees with the ability to work from anywhere, so productivity can still occur. This opens the door for a business to acquire the best employees from any location, as it makes telecommuting easy.

This also means that if a major snowstorm, flooding or other weather issue pops up and your employees can’t get to the office, they can still get their work done efficiently. Or, if your business requires employees to frequently travel, they can still access all their most important business functions, as long as they have an internet connection.


4. Less Work for IT Staff 

A cloud-based phone system takes the guesswork out of fixing the phone system for IT personnel. This means IT staff will be able to devote more time and attention to other projects.


5. Simplified Budgeting 

Costs will look different with a VoIP phone system. Adding or removing lines is easy and you only pay for the lines you need. Cloud phone systems typically have a pay scale by the user, while still offering services like unlimited local and long distance calling and/or cheap international calls. Some providers may even offer plans that allow your business to pay as you go or only for minutes used.


6. Enhanced Security 

A cloud-based phone system provides more security than traditional phone systems. Standard security measures for cloud phone services include data encryption, network security, secure voice and video, HIPAA-compliance measures and more to keep your company’s data safe. Servers and equipment that host cloud services are housed in secure facilities.


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