Cloud voice increases your perceived professionalism. With all of the portability features, a cloud voice system allows any business to appear professional, organized, and efficient. Your staff is well connected and in a better position to attend to customers. Increased service levels lead to more business, which allows for company growth and expansion.

Voicemails transcribe to emails. Voicemail transcription sends a text version of voicemail messages to the email address of your choice. The written transcription is delivered to the end user’s email address and mobile phone together with the audio file of the message.

Cloud voice quality is all about the network. A common misconception about cloud-based calls is that they sound bad. On the contrary, since the cloud is digital, it should actually provide a higher quality of sound than analog phones. Cloud voice Quality of Service (QoS) depends on several different factors, most importantly the strength of your broadband connection.

Moving office is made simple. When the business moves, the phone service moves right along with you. Because a cloud voice system's infrastructure exists virtually online, its operation is not dependent upon a physical building in order to be used.

Cloud voice systems have never been a better value, so now is a great time to upgrade. Our experts will help you determine if hosted telephony is right for your business and design an IP system that is personalized to fit your needs. To talk to one of our professionals, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 811-3661.

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