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Why Your Small Business Should Recycle Electronics

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jul 16, 2018 2:08:00 PM

Running a small business can feel like a constant struggle to keep up—with orders, with paperwork, and with the speed of technology. Your computers and myriad other electronic devices may become damaged, obsolete, or inadequate for your business needs every few years. (For computers, for example, the average lifespan is between 3 and 7 years before you’ll need to determine whether to continue to repair or replace.) As you consistently replace and upgrade your electronics, what do you do with the old devices?

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Why Cloud Backup Is Vital for Your Business

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jul 10, 2018 8:03:00 AM

One of the most valuable assets of your business is the data that keeps it running. Many companies, however, have data storage systems that are woefully inadequate, insecure, and insufficiently protected. If all of your client lists and inventory live inside your laptop or on your company’s physical server, you’re at risk of data loss. Theft, natural disaster, or technological malfunctions could cause your data to be corrupted, compromised, or completely destroyed. This could derail your business, costing you significant time, money, and customer goodwill. If you don’t regularly back up your business data, you could lose everything. Backing up to the cloud is an economical, efficient, easy way to back up data effectively and comprehensively on a regular, ongoing basis.

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My Computer Is SO Slow. How Can I Speed It Up?

Posted by Mike Hurt on May 15, 2018 7:54:00 PM

Even if you have the patience of a saint, waiting for your computer to load can be some of the most maddening moments of your day. Those seconds (or minutes) that you wait for programs or web pages to load can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, most of the time you can get rid of those delays without too much trouble or expense. Start by asking yourself the following questions and performing the most common troubleshooting steps.

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Internet Slow or Not Working at All? Try These Tips

Posted by Mike Hurt on Apr 4, 2018 7:11:00 PM

The internet has come a long way from when you had to patiently wait minutes for websites and pictures to load, but when your internet slows down, seconds of delay can feel like eons. If websites are slow to load, refresh, or time out before completing actions, or if your internet connectivity is spotty or altogether failing, start by trying these troubleshooting tips.

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Your Computer Hates Winter as Much as You Do

Posted by Mike Hurt on Jan 8, 2018 6:02:00 PM

As the holiday decorations go up, you may find yourself dreading the onset of cold weather and wintery conditions. While you’re pulling out the winter coats, cleaning out the chimneys, and readying your home for the months ahead, don’t forget to consider how the winter can affect your computer equipment. Be mindful of wintery risks to protect yourself from data loss and equipment malfunction.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Laptop Battery

Posted by Mike Hurt on Dec 20, 2017 4:24:00 PM

Along with everything good about laptops and other mobile computing devices, there is also a question of whether the battery will be up to the test. If you use your mobile device for more than a couple hours, you will likely find it is running low on juice. Laptop batteries tend to lose their charging capacity at a faster rate as they age.  Some laptop batteries must be replaced after three or four years. Let's take a look at some solutions that will help you get the most out of your laptop battery. 

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What's the Deal with Computer Updates?

Posted by Mike Hurt on Dec 13, 2017 6:31:00 PM

Updates are essential to your computer's performance and safety. Some updates are automatic, while others must be initiated by the user. Learn what, exactly, these updates are all about and why they're so important.

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Can Opening Email Harm My Computer?

Posted by Mike Hurt on May 30, 2017 11:26:00 AM



Viruses and malware are can slow down your computer, plague you with unwanted popups, threaten the security of your personal information, and/or attempt to gain unauthorized access to your computer, so it’s vital that you take aggressive steps to protect yourself. You may already know that one of the best ways to outsmart these nasty problems is to stop clicking “yes” or opening clickbait, but what about emails?

Can just opening an email message expose you to malware or other security threats?

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Don’t Turn Off Your Computer at Night—Do This Instead

Posted by William Stasak on Apr 20, 2017 10:16:54 AM


Computers have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Rather than one family PC, many families now have multiple computing devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop personal computers. The recommendations on how to care for your computers has changed as the technology has changed. Nevertheless, one of the most common questions computer technicians are asked is “Should I turn my computer off every night?


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5 Warning Signs Your Computer Needs Repair

Posted by Mike Hurt on Apr 4, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Not all computer breakdowns give warning signs in advance, but (fortunately) many of them do!

We all have a busy schedule, and computers have become irreplaceable tools in our lives. From keeping track of appointments to keeping in touch with old friends, keeping up with work to keeping on top of the latest news, your computer is a vital part of your household. Being without your computer can be as detrimental as being without your vehicle and make your daily life impossible to keep up with.

Just like a car, your computer frequently signals when it has problems. Ignoring these warnings can allow a simple problem to turn into a severe one! Here are some warning signs you should never ignore to make sure your computer continues to run smoothly and prevent major breakdowns.

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