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Why Cloud Backup Is Vital for Your Business

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jul 10, 2018 8:03:00 AM


One of the most valuable assets of your business is the data that keeps it running. Many companies, however, have data storage systems that are woefully inadequate, insecure, and insufficiently protected. If all of your client lists and inventory live inside your laptop or on your company’s physical server, you’re at risk of data loss. Theft, natural disaster, or technological malfunctions could cause your data to be corrupted, compromised, or completely destroyed. This could derail your business, costing you significant time, money, and customer goodwill. If you don’t regularly back up your business data, you could lose everything. Backing up to the cloud is an economical, efficient, easy way to back up data effectively and comprehensively on a regular, ongoing basis.


What Is Cloud-Based Data Storage?

“The Cloud” is a euphemism for internet storage options. A cloud-based data storage service provider provides secure, virtual storage for all sorts of data (including photos, videos, music, videos, databases, documents, and more). You or your service provider uploads your data into their online storage facility, where it is stored on secure, encrypted servers. A quality service provider will protect your data from physical harm, hackers, and malicious software.


Stay Efficiently Current 

Automated cloud data backups allow you to “set it and forget it,” keeping your backups current without requiring you to engage in active management (like rotating tapes or remembering to perform manual backups). You can rest assured that even if you haven’t thought about your backup for months, you’re still current and protected in the event of a problem. 

Backing your data up to the cloud rather than using traditional physical backup methods is safer and more convenient, and it allows you to consistently make sure that the storage you’re paying for meets your storage needs. Most cloud storage providers provide a range of speed and data limits to choose from so that you get all the storage you need without paying for space or features you don’t.


Maintain Appropriate, Consistent Security 

Issues such as hardware failures, user error, human misconduct, accidents, and even natural disasters can threaten the security and integrity of your data. Storing your data in the cloud rather than on traditional physical servers or hard drives reduces many of the risks of data breach, corruption, and loss.

Your data in the cloud is protected by an encryption process and algorithms. If your business deals with sensitive customer financial data, legally privileged information, health information, or other extremely sensitive data that requires a high level of security, a cloud-based secure storage system can keep it protected and legally compliant better than most in-office storage options.


Improve Collaboration

Cloud backup and data storage allows you to access your data using practically any computer or other device with an internet connection. This enables you and your team to easily collaborate and work remotely, sharing the same data set rather than sending documents or files back and forth and risking confusion, corruption, or interception. It also ensures that no one gains unauthorized access to your data merely by having access to a physical machine (e.g., if a laptop or device is stolen).


Why Choose Dymin?

Dymin’s Cloud Data Backup and Recovery solution features a secure, automated off-site server backup that backs up your critical data to two separate data centers using your Internet connection every day. If you need to recover your data, our simple “point and click” Web-based control console allows you to restore data in an instant from any day in your retention period.

We offers two options for cloud-based backup services.

  • Online Backup Manager (OBM) is a comprehensive client-side backup application that is bundled with various database backup modules. Use OBM for backing up your business servers to Dymin’s Offsite Backup Server.
  • A-Click Backup (ACB) is a light version of OBM that retains all major features but sports an easier-to-use interface. ACB is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers.


The pros at Dymin can help you figure out which option is right for you and help you learn more about cloud storage and cloud-based data backup services. Contact Dymin Systems online today, visit our repair services and computer sales showroom in Urbandale, Iowa, or call us at (800) 811-3661. We can help you find the right data backup and cloud storage solution for you.

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