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Why You Should Dump Your Old-School Backup for Cloud-Based Solutions

Posted by Mike Hurt on Sep 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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For business owners, the only thing more valuable than your business is the data that keeps it running. It’s vital that you back up this data effectively and comprehensively. Many businesses that were early adopters of onsite computer systems implemented a system of automatic or partially automatic tape data backups. These old-school systems used magnetic tape cartridges to create a separate physical copy of your company’s important data.


These data backups were standard back in the day, but just like cassette tapes, the disadvantages of these systems compared to modern options make them a poor choice for your company’s priceless data.


Tape Data Backup: Inconvenient, Outdated, and Inadequate

One of the biggest problems with tape data backup solutions is that each tape only has about 100 uses before it is no longer reliable, that is, before the backup may contain errors and glitches due to the degradation of the media itself. However, the backup software you’re using is unlikely to detect that the tape itself has any issues and isn’t doing its job. Only when you go to use the tape do you discover that your data hasn’t completely saved, is corrupted, or can’t be accessed.

Another issue with tape backups are their reliance on human beings. An IT administrator needs to monitor the backups and programming as well as perform occasional test restoration of data. Tape also requires that human beings remember to take tapes off site! Many businesses store tapes right next to the server that they’re backing up. This protects you in case your hard drive crashes, but it won’t protect you if a disaster physically threatens your premises. A fire safe will protect tapes from physically burning but not from melting from the heat and becoming unusable. Backup needs to be off site and reliable, and that requires relying on someone to remember to regularly take tapes offsite.


Automated Offsite Daily Backup: Safe, Secure, and Efficient

Offsite backup avoids the potentially severe consequences of data loss or service interruption in case of a disaster or damage to your network or computer systems. Especially in cases of premises threats like fires, hurricanes, or floods, offsite backup can save your business countless hours trying to get your systems and data back to normal. This saves you not just time but also money—as well as preventing a lot of extra stress. Offsite backup enables easy data recovery as part of an overall business continuity plan that ensures your business will suffer minimal downtime in case of a disaster.

Offsite backup has many benefits, including

  • Reliability. Automated daily offsite backup provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle. Your files are updated on a daily basis, and you can recover files quickly.
  • Affordability. The majority of remote backup solutions are billed on a monthly basis and support a nearly unlimited amount of backup space. You will no longer incur cost for tapes, media storage, transportation, and countless staff hours monitoring tape and hard drive backup solutions.
  • Security. Offsite backup eliminates the risk of losing data in the event of a local disaster (such as a fire, flood or theft) and includes powerful encryption and security measures to prevent inappropriate access. 
  • Efficiency.  Many remote backup solutions can be initiated at the click of a mouse after setup or prescheduled to run automatically, rather than requiring constant monitoring or human intervention.

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Migrate Your Data to Cloud-Based Solutions

Your data can be stored and saved in an off-premises physical storage location or, more commonly, stored in “the cloud.” A cloud-based data storage service provider will upload your data using the internet and store it in their own secure, encrypted server and file storage system, protected from physical harm, hackers, and malicious software. Your data will be stored safely away from your business location, and you will be able to access it from practically any computer with an internet connection to easily restore your systems with a few clicks of the mouse—or even automatically.


Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your critical business data. To learn more about how cloud-based data backup services can help protect your business, contact Dymin Systems, visit our repair services and computer sales showroom in Urbandale, Iowa, or call us at (800) 811-3661.


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