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Why Your Small Business Should Recycle Electronics

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jul 16, 2018 2:08:00 PM

Running a small business can feel like a constant struggle to keep up—with orders, with paperwork, and with the speed of technology. Your computers and myriad other electronic devices may become damaged, obsolete, or inadequate for your business needs every few years. (For computers, for example, the average lifespan is between 3 and 7 years before you’ll need to determine whether to continue to repair or replace.) As you consistently replace and upgrade your electronics, what do you do with the old devices?


Get Rid of Your Graveyard

Admit it: you have at least one large tote, drawer, or box containing defunct hard drives, loose electronic components, peripheral devices, keyboards, and other computer parts and cables. You may be keeping these “just in case you need them,” or you may feel reluctant to dispose of them for fear that the data they contain could be accessed or otherwise compromised. You may know that you aren’t supposed to just drop electronics into the trash but be unsure where or how to properly dispose of them without creating an environmental hazard or paying a fortune for private hazmat disposal services. Good news: many computer retailers and repair shops (including Dymin) have electronics recycling programs that can give your tech graveyard a proper burial…and maybe save you money.


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle… 

Electronic waste including computers, cell phones, and other small electronics accounts for more than 70% of America’s toxic waste, despite being a small percentage of its overall trash. “E-waste” of this kind is becoming a pressing problem on a local and global scale; improper disposal allows these contaminants to contribute to pollution in global ecosystems and water supplies. Recycling helps reduce the risk that the lead, mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous elements in these devices will be harmful to our environment. Recycling programs help return some of the raw materials like iron, steel, aluminum, and gold to the manufacturers, which can help make the process of making new electronics cheaper and more energy efficient.


…and Reap the Rewards

Some IT assets that have reached the end of their usefulness for your business needs still have considerable market value. Functional electronic items, devices, telephones, and computers can often be refurbished and re-sold to consumers or donated to charities, non-profit organizations, and other programs that can put them to good use. Even if your machine is non-functional, a computer recycler who builds and resells refurbished machines can sometimes refurbish and resell working component parts.


Donating old electronics items can boost your bottom line as well as your business goodwill, since donations to many of these organizations can qualify as deductible charitable donations. You may also be able to get cash or in-store credit from your favorite computer retailer for your donated items. At the very least, you won’t continue to waste storage space on a bunch of electronics junk and won’t have to pay anything to have it hauled away!


But What About My Data?

One of the concerns many businesses have is how to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the data that might be stored on or still accessible by the devices. Disposing of your devices in a haphazard, insecure way could make it possible for someone to access and misuse your sensitive data and possibly cause you to breach your own security obligations. A specialized e-waste recycling service will provide you with a certificate of destruction or other legal assurance that your data has been securely erased. Your confidential or sensitive business and client information won’t be at risk of exposure and you can eliminate your risk of liability for data, confidentiality, and security breaches. 


Recycle Now!

Almost half of U.S. states have passed laws requiring consumers and/or businesses to recycle or dispose of their e-waste in an authorized manner. Whether you recycle because it’s good for the environment, to comply with an applicable law, or because it’s good for your bottom line, Dymin can help.


Our e-waste recycling program accepts a wide variety of home and business computer waste, including portable electronics, scrap metal, and other e-waste. If your business has ten or more pieces of equipment to recycle, we’ll come pick it up—free of charge! Contact Dymin Computer Systems today online or at 800-811-3661 to find out more or make an appointment for pickup. 

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