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Differences Between a Mediocre and Exceptional IT Company

Posted by Scott Breitman on Oct 8, 2018 2:28:00 PM


Whether a company is improving its efficiency or struggling to maintain profitability, one line item in the budget that often finds itself on the chopping block is the allocation for managed IT services.

Ironically, the attributes that make an IT services company exceptional are often why executives don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth. This is because an exceptional IT company ensures that your systems work consistently, smoothly, and uneventfully, while a mediocre IT company is constantly responding to calamities, failures, and interruptions. 

So what’s an awesome IT company doing behind the scenes that justifies your continued relationship?

Help Building a Technology System That Works for You 

First and foremost, a great IT company will help you build a system of hardware and software that allows your business to perform at its best. The company will work within your budget and adapt to your employees’ needs, implementing flexible solutions like cloud-based software and storage, BYOD (“bring your own device”) options to securely and safely integrate employees’ personal devices, and remote work solutions. While technology does need to be replaced every few years, a great IT company will help you understand what you can repair, what you can upgrade, and what you need to replace to meet your company’s needs while keeping your infrastructure costs down.


IT You Never Have to Think About 

An exceptional IT company strives to achieve no downtime and no frustrations. Hiring skilled, experienced IT professionals to manage your network and technology properly will cost less than doing it yourself and eliminates the time you waste troubleshooting and worrying about your devices and systems. Professional IT companies keep an organization’s technology running efficiently and smoothly by planning, monitoring, and proactively executing best practices. Like caring for a fine automobile, keeping your IT system in its best working order and upgrading as necessary to ensure optimal performance allows it to excel and prevents problems before they arise. This ensures you always get the most out of your technology investments, saves you money on costly repairs, and lets your employees stop thinking about their tech and go back to being productive at their own jobs.

the right IT person for your small business

Tools and Knowledge to Respond to Issues 

Even with the best preventative care, otherwise-healthy workers sometimes come down with the flu. Technology is no different; sometimes issues like viruses or mechanical failures are unavoidable. When these kinds of issues do arise, having a managed IT services plan that includes service calls at a flat rate incentivizes your IT company to respond to the problem as swiftly and efficiently as possible. An exceptional IT company has the resources to deploy the appropriate level of service immediately, whether via live remote support or an in-person technician, as well as the knowledge and experience to solve your problems while minimizing your downtime.


Great IT isn’t about fixing things when they’re broken—it’s about keeping your technology running smoothly to maximize uptime and ensure business continuity for every SMB. When your technology works its best, so does your business! Dymin’s managed IT services plans ensure that your business’ computers, devices, and network infrastructure are maintained at the highest standards. Our professionals help prevent most problems before they disrupt your business and we respond swiftly and expertly to issues that arise.


We will customize a plan to fit your organization’s IT needs at a price point that is perfect for you. Contact us today! 

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