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End of Toshiba Phones for Business

Posted by Scott Breitman on Jun 29, 2021 6:06:18 PM


If your business relies on Toshiba business phones, there are important decisions to be made soon. The phone products, now owned by Mitel, are being completely phased out, giving businesses the chance to upgrade and add new capabilities. With the phase-out of Toshiba phones, local businesses are turning to Dymin for help with selecting the appropriate phone solution for their needs, including configuration, installation and complete training!

What Is Happening to Toshiba Phones?

Toshiba announced in 2017 that its business phone division was being shuttered as part of a corporate restructuring. Mitel purchased portions of the Toshiba unified communications product line, including on on-premises system (IPedge), cloud-based system (VIPedge) and hybrid solution (Strata CIX). All three were among the most popular Toshiba products.
Recently, however, Mitel has planned to phase-out of the IPedge and Strata CIX products. New sales of the system stopped in October 2018 and on October 31, 2019, the company will no longer offer add-on components, including phones. Mitel ends all technical support on October 31, 2021. This leaves their current customers high and dry without a phone system.


What Options Are Out There?

Before selecting a new business phone system, think carefully about the structure and functionality you need in the replacement solution. Today’s voice over internet protocol (VoIP) business phones are far more adaptable, built to address today’s communications needs including some of the following:

  • Mobile Dependability. Employees today are often expected to be available no matter where they are. That requires a phone system that allows employees working remotely, on a sales call or traveling to access the same functions and benefits as when using the in-office phones or the mobile app version.
  • Timely Messaging. Clients and colleagues expect access to communication thru a variety of mediums. That is one of the benefits of VoIP systems as these new solutions convert voicemails to emails, forward calls (often to multiple phones) and organize your desktop and mobile devices via Bluetooth.
  • Scalability. With a VoIP business phone solution replacing your Toshiba phones, you will be able to scale rapidly, adding new users, downsizing, or adding or removing features with ease.
  • Call Recording. A necessity to help protect and assist businesses with important interactions for a variety of reasons, to include legal and regulatory issues as well as phone coaching moments.


Who Can Help with the Toshiba Switch Up?

Dymin offers IT solutions to customers in the Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Council Bluffs areas. Contact us today to learn more about why Dymin is Iowa’s top choice of small and medium-sized companies when it comes to IT and business telephone solutions!


Image Credit: Photo on Piqsels (All Creative Commons)

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