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Posted by Danielle Cloe on Aug 8, 2012 12:00:00 AM
Habitat for HumanityRock the Block gave Dymin employees a unique opportunity to help multiple families in the Des Moines area. Habitat for Humanity’s community renovation campaign aims to improve existing homes with maintenance and repair items like roof repair, weatherization like window replacement, and home preservation/beautification projects like painting. Replacing windows, and building stair railings were among the projects our crew of seven completed on July 24th, 2012.
No small business would be a success without its community and the people within it.  That’s why every year we make an effort to show surrounding communities just how much their support means to us.  When we’re looking for organizations to join in giving-back, Habitat for Humanity fits right up in the top of our list, and 2012 was no exception.  On July 24th, a team of seven staff members and family joined Habitat for Humanity to Rock the Block!
Charity workFelicia De Piazza (left) animatedly tells fellow volunteer Scott Breitman (right) how excited she is to be part of the day’s work.

Someone at Habitat for Humanity must have had a pretty good laugh when they were planning our work day; it was certainly no coincidence this group of technicians was put to work repairing windows.  But whether it’s a computer operating system or that piece of glass separating you from the elements, this bunch can handle it. 

The Dymin crew poses for a picture in front of one of the project houses. From left to right: (top row) Mike Hurt, Douglas Todd, Gerry Schoenrock, Anthony Luna (bottom row) Scott Breitman, Danielle Cloe, Felicia De Piazza.

Group workingDivide and conquer!  Splitting into two groups, our crew was able to complete a variety of projects in the Mondamin/King Irving neighborhood.  While group 1 (Felicia De Piazza, Gerry Shoenrock, Mike Hurt, and Scott Breitman) worked away replacing all of the windows in a 2-story home, group 2 (Anthony Luna, Danielle Cloe, and Douglas Todd) went from house to house working on a slew of projects.  From construction to demo, projects completed included landscape edging, building railings for exterior stairs, and demolition of a fire-damaged deck.  In total, four separate families were helped by this crew of seven volunteers.  Not bad for one day’s work!

Selecting a Charity

With so many organizations to choose from, it’s not difficult to find a partner who fits with you and your company’s values.  In particular, Dymin Systems likes to choose organizations which specialize in helping people help themselves.  Habitat for Humanity is an excellent example of this philosophy. rock the block

What most don’t know is that Habitat for Humanity does not give housing away.  Instead, they offer low cost housing solutions to families who qualify for assistance.  Qualification doesn’t just mean a minimum income either.  Each family who is being helped by Habitat for Humanity first must put in their own “sweat equity” before being eligible to have a project started on their behalf.  Eligible families also pay back the cost of the materials and land, that’s what makes volunteer labor so important to an organization like Habitat for Humanity.  An estimated $20,000.00 in labor is cut from the home’s cost because of the help provided by volunteers.   


What is different about Rock the Block?

team workingAfter lunch, a few member of the team take a much needed break to cool down. From left to right: Anthony Luna, Douglas Todd, Mike Hurt.

Habitat for Humanity’s Rock the Block campaigns focus on community improvement.  Residents in low income neighborhoods can qualify for assistance with Rock the Block which helps with maintenance and repair items like roof repair, weatherization like window replacement, and home preservation/beautification projects like painting. 


Are you interested in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity?  Find all the ways to get involved here.


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