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How to Get the Most Out of Your Laptop Battery

Posted by Mike Hurt on Dec 20, 2017 4:24:00 PM

laptop-battery.jpgAlong with everything good about laptops and other mobile computing devices, there is also a question of whether the battery will be up to the test. If you use your mobile device for more than a couple hours, you will likely find it is running low on juice. Laptop batteries tend to lose their charging capacity at a faster rate as they age.  Some laptop batteries must be replaced after three or four years. Let's take a look at some solutions that will help you get the most out of your laptop battery. 


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Battery life varies across different types of devices. A small, ultra-thin laptop won't provide as many hours of use as a conventional laptop because the battery is physically smaller. Aside from size, battery life also hinges on the processing power of the laptop. A high-performance laptop with a powerful processor, such as an Intel Core i7,  and/or a dedicated graphics card will drain the battery's juice faster.

In general, you should anticipate about five to six hours of battery life from a fairly new laptop. If you opt for a high-performance or entry-level laptop, you may only enjoy three to five hours of battery life. Devices with the BEST battery life can last eight to ten hours. Keep in mind that battery life is not always as advertised; the number of hours listed on marketing material is a maximum rather than an averageExpect to get around 70–80% of the advertised battery life with typical use.


Battery Cells

If you choose to buy a business-grade laptop, you will likely be able to choose between different battery sizes. The size of the laptop battery is indicated by “cells" (6-cell, 4-cell, etc.). More cells means a longer battery life. Select the most cells available, and your battery could have several more hours of energy than a laptop with the bare minimum.


Computer Activity Matters as Well

Resource-intensive computer programs will drain your laptop's battery more quickly. You can conserve battery life by closing specific programs, such as games or video streaming. Try to predict how many hours of use you will need before investing in a specific computer or upgrade. If you are a frequent traveler and find it challenging to find a charging station, you should have a computer with the power necessary to run programs for several hours without having access to an outlet. When in doubt, keep computer operations at a minimum to preserve battery life.


The Screen Also Matters

Your computer screen's brightness will largely impact how long the battery lasts. A bright screen running one or several software programs will have its battery drained much more quickly than a computer with a dimly lit screen. Turn down the screen brightness, and you will be able to conserve as much battery life as possible for a prolonged session on the web, playing a video game, streaming video, or getting work done.

Working in a darker space where your screen doesn't have to compete with bright lights or natural sunlight will allow you to lower the brightness without compromising visibility. If you use your laptop frequently while away from the office, turn down the screen brightness now, and your battery will prove that much more effective throughout each day. 


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