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My Computer’s Been Infected! What Do I Do?

Posted by Mike Hurt on May 31, 2019 1:50:00 PM


We all risk accidentally downloading dangerous malware while browsing the internet. Malicious software can slow our computers, leak sensitive information, and even lead to heavy financial losses. While a few simple techniques can remove many viruses, malicious software is growing more sophisticated, and consulting trained professionals is the most effective way to keep your computer and your data safe. 


Find the Infection

While some viruses may be easy to spot, other types such as spyware may be hidden, causing damage and revealing private information without the user ever knowing. There are multiple free virus scanners available online, which scan your computer and list any viruses it may have. For example, Avast, Malwarebytes, and Bitdefender Quickscan all offer free trials allowing users to identify any infections on their systems. 


Why a Professional is Needed

Two basic strategies to remove malware include running antivirus software from safe mode and reinstalling the operating system. Safe mode launches only the bare essentials to run your computer and may prevent the virus from booting, allowing you to work on resolving the problem without interference. From safe mode, users can download and run antivirus software options to remove the malware.

If the problem can’t be resolved in safe mode, then the DIY fix often involves erasing the entire operating system. In addition to being technically involved and time intensive, this process will cause you to lose all your saved documents and files that have not been backed up and require you to re-install all your programs and applications. Talk about hassle!

While these two tactics can used to resolve some viruses, you may end up spending hours of your time, only to have to potentially reset your computer and lose all your files and programs anyway. Ultimately, removing malware is a specialized process requiring the knowledge and experience of professionals—who can often surgically destroy an infection without having to lose everything. What’s your time worth? 


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Importance of Prevention

The best method to ensure your computer is safe from infection is to know how to spot untrustworthy sites, practice safe internet habits, and run quality antivirus software. For example,

  • Avoid clicking “yes” on popups unless you know their source
  • Keep your operating system up to date
  • Use a secure browser
  • Inspect email attachments
  • Download software only from trusted sites.

Taking the time to learn more about simple virus protection practices can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs and computer replacements; loss of your photos, documents, and data; or theft of your identity.

In addition to antivirus software and smart internet habits, vulnerability scanners identify potential security gaps in your PC and network such as outdated software and unprotected plugins. With this knowledge, you can update and replace software to ensure that your computer is protected against cyber threats. 


Prevention is more effective than repair, and Dymin offers a comprehensive suite of services to both repair your infected computer and protect it from future infections. With decades of experience, the professionals at Dymin bring you individualized IT services to both protect and optimize your computing systems. The Dymin Malware Protection Package is an easy and affordable combination of products that includes the Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Premium, offering the best virus protection Dymin has ever tested. Contact Dymin today and protect your computers! 

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