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Relying on Facebook for Photo Storage Is a Major Mistake

Posted by Mike Hurt on Sep 22, 2017 6:38:00 PM


We know it's tempting to use Facebook as a repository for digital photos. Most people post their photos to this popular social media platform without a second thought. In fact, an incredible 65 percent of those who share photos online rely on Facebook to show off their images.

Though Facebook certainly makes it easy to share photos with friends and family, there are some major drawbacks to completely relying on this social media platform for photo storage.


Facebook Images Aren't the Best Quality

Take a close look at photos posted to Facebook, and you will find their quality is inferior to that of the actual shot you captured with your phone or digital camera. Every photo you upload to Facebook is presented at a decreased resolution. If you upload all your photos to Facebook and delete the originals from your phone, digital camera, or hard drive, you will have a collection of inferior photographs that do not portray the settings, people, and other images as they actually look.


Disappearing Photos

Imagine uploading all of your favorite photos to Facebook one day and sharing them with your social circle. A couple months later, some or all of the pictures disappear. This phenomenon is more common than most think. The bottom line is that photos stored on Facebook are not guaranteed to be there across posterity. 


Image Rights

Consider another situation in which you take some unbelievable snapshots of sunsets, a double rainbow, an eclipse, or another striking visual. You upload them to Facebook to share with friends, family, and co-workers. These amazing shots can then be legally used by Facebook for various purposes, even though they don't own them.


The Potential to Lose Mutual Photos

It is also possible to lose mutual photos posted to Facebook. If a friend who posts mutual photos ends up souring on your friendship or closing his or her Facebook account, your tag could be removed, and you could lose access to those photos forever.


You Have to Comply with Facebook's Requirements

Facebook could even go as far as deleting your photos if you have not installed the company's Moments app. Photos synced from the primary Facebook app can be deleted unless Moments is installed. Moments was released in June of 2015 to serve as a fully dedicated image-sharing app. Facebook can make such drastic alterations that threaten your library of photos at any point. This is quite concerning, as users are rendered powerless unless they play by Facebook's rules.


A Better Approach—Cloud Storage

Instead of using Facebook to store all your digital photographs, opt for a method of photo storage and access that allows for full security. Consolidate your images in a single space that is completely secure. Take the extra step of backing up your photos just in case something happens to your selected repository. Consolidating the images in one easily accessible space ensures quick and easy access, and cloud backup protects your images in case your primary storage solution fails.

Once the photos are consolidated, you can share them on Facebook and other social media platforms with ease. This approach allows you to access the photos from multiple places: the cloud or another initial point of storage, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 


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