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How Microsoft 365 Defender Can Shield Your Company From Phishing Scams

Posted by James Trow on January 10, 2022

Phishing can lose you a lot of money and expose sensitive information. Microsoft 365 Defender can dramatically mitigate this risk with several features. 

Phishing attacks are a severe threat to your business. These fraudulent actions can cause your team members to accidentally share financial, ... Read More

Topics: CyberSecurity, Microsoft

How Kohler Uses Office 365 to Create a Culture of Agility (And the 8 Underused Tools That Will Make Your Business More Productive)

Posted by James Trow on December 17, 2021

There are numerous suites of apps that can improve your productivity. One of them is Office 365, which features an array of underappreciated tools.

Office 365 has helped millions of organizations streamline their operations. One of the most famous examples involves Kohler, the manufacturer of kitchen and ... Read More

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