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You Could Lose Everything If You Don’t Back Up Your Data

Posted by Mike Hurt on Jan 22, 2018 11:02:00 AM


As the saying goes, nothing is certain except death and taxes. Our technicians, however, would beg to differ: hard drive failure isn’t a matter of “if” but “when.” Your computer’s hard drive won’t last forever. Unless you back it up regularly and properly, when it dies, it could take your data with it.


What’s at Risk on Your Computer? Don't risk losing your data

A computer has a typical average lifespan of three to five years, but we've seen brand new and newly repaired computers fail suddenly. While older computers are more likely to fail, no computer is 100% reliable. In fact, 2–15% of all hard drives fail every year through normal use, and this number increases exponentially with each year of use. Think about everything you have saved on your computer! Some things would be catastrophic to lose, like a dissertation in progress or an important client presentation. Many other files would be frustrating and time-consuming to recreate, like résumés or research papers.

Still other things are impossible to replace, including media like family pictures and videos. It’s rare these days to print out photographs and put them into albums (or even to save them onto portable storage options like DVDs or external drives). Many people use their computer’s hard drive as a storage vault for these priceless memories. Unfortunately, your hard drive isn’t meant for permanent safe storage. The truth is, it could start to malfunction at any time without warning, and it may be impossible to recover some or all of your data.

We had an elderly client who came to us for help. Her husband had recently passed away, and to make matters worse, her computer stopped working shortly thereafter. All she really wanted us to recover from her computer was her collection of photos of her late husband. After diagnosing her computer’s hard drive in our clean room data recovery laboratory, we found that it had a condition known as rotational scoring—one of the only conditions that makes data impossible to recover by any means. We were crushed to have to tell her that she had permanently lost all her precious photos of her late husband and there was nothing that could be done.


Easy Backup Options Give You Peace of Mind 

Backing up your home computer means that if your hard drive is damaged, destroyed, or suffers a complete failure, you won’t lose precious data. But who has time to add another routine chore to their to-do list?

The best thing about today’s backup technology is that you can “set it and forget it.” A cloud-based data backup solution uploads a copy of your data over the internet and stores it in a secure, encrypted server and file storage system, accessible to you from anywhere you have an internet connection. Cloud service providers monitor your data, making sure it remains securely protected from physical harm, corruption, hackers, and malicious software.

Once you implement a cloud-based data backup system, you can choose automatic backup options that keep your files safe without any ongoing efforts or technical know-how. These can be initiated at the click of a mouse after setup or prescheduled to automatically back up your data on a daily, monthly, or other regular basis. Your data stays backed up without another thought from you!


Dymin can help bring you this peace of mind. Our professional technicians will come to your home, work with you to choose and implement a data backup solution that’s right for your needs, and set up an automatic backup schedule. One visit can ensure your photos, videos, and other irreplaceable files are protected forever and aren’t one hard drive failure away from destruction. 

To learn more about cloud photo storage options and other cloud-based data backup services, contact the Des Moines computer repair professionals at Dymin Systems by visiting our computer sales showroom in Urbandale, Iowa, or calling us at 515-276-7447.


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