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Your Photos Are in Danger!

Posted by Mike Hurt on Jul 25, 2017 1:08:00 PM

kids-.jpgIf you store your photos on your computer's hard drive, an external hard drive, or a CD/DVD, they are in grave danger. Unfortunately, most people don’t think twice when leaving their prized pictures on such storage spaces, but it’s only a matter of time before you lose them.


Why are my photos in danger?

Think of all those instances across the past couple of decades when your computer stopped working or provided limited access due to hard drive failure, a virus, old age, or another problem. If it seems like these machines are built to break, it’s because they really are designed that way! Planned obsolescence is essential to computer manufacturers' never-ending quest to generate consistent profit. At some point, your computer will fail. 2–15% of All hard drives have a fail every year through normal use, and that percentage only grows as the computer ages. The question, therefore, is not if it will happen, but when. Don't lose your precious photos when it does.


Ways You Can Lose Digital Photos

Now you understand the risk you're taking by storing all your photos on your computer hard drive. You may be thinking, I'll just back them on an external device! External hard drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and memory cards, however, are far from infallible. These forms of hardware will eventually fail as well. In fact, external hard drives are less reliable than computer hard drives, and flash drives can be damaged easily and are nearly impossible to repair. CDs and DVDs are even worse; not only is this storage method quickly becoming outdated, but these discs can easily become scratched and damaged past the point of being functional.

Also consider the fact that most computer operators make mistakes. If you're like most of us, you've accidentally deleted one or more files in the past, and it's entirely likely to happen again. Data corruption is another issue. Computers, external hard drives, and CDs/DVDs are not capable of protecting and retrieving saved photographs across generations. Given enough time, something is bound to go wrong. Though data recovery services are available, there is no guarantee your photos will be recoverable, and they could cost anywhere from $600–$2000! Even if they can be retrieved by a professional, it's far more cost effective to prevent the loss in the first place.


How to Truly Protect Your Memories

Back up and store your photos in a place that cannot malfunction, become corrupted, or be erased from existence. The cloud is the best place to store your photos; whenever you want to upload or retrieve them, all you need is a web connection. As long as the internet functions properly, you will have access to your photos on the cloud from your web-based device. For added protection, invest in automatic backup. Your cloud-connected device will be backed up regularly, so you're protected against data loss without having to remember to back up your photos and other data manually. 

Learn more about why and how to back up your photos and other important data by reading our previous post: Do I Really Need to Back Up My Pictures and Files?


Why choose Dymin?

Dymin offers data recovery services and cloud-based data backup solutions for commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Des Moines and Central Iowa. If you're interested in cloud photo storage and backing up all your data in a secure location, we can help. Backup solutions can be initiated quickly and easily. You can even preschedule daily, weekly, or monthly automatic backups so your photos and data are always safe. Click below to contact us today!


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