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Zombietastic! – Game Monkey’s Favorite 2012 Zombie-Themed Games

Posted by Robert Hills on Oct 4, 2012 12:00:00 AM

zombietasticThis month Game Monkey wanted to make a list of games that would best suit one of his favorite holidays—Halloween. What better way to do this than to come up with this great list of Game Monkey's Favorite Zombie-Themed Games of 2012.

Just click on the title of any game and be taken to the developer's website for more details. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

All Zombies Must Die! - A downloadable, top-down-view shooter game with role-playing game elements. Up to four players must survive a zombie apocalypse. This is the sequel to Burn Zombie Burn!

Amy - A downloadable survival-horror game. Playing as a scientist, you must escort an eight-year-old girl through a city devastated by an airborne virus that turns those infected into zombies. The scientist himself is infected and so must manage his condition.

Atom Zombie Smasher - A real-time strategy game viewed from a top-down perspective where players must coordinate military units in order to rescue civilians from a zombie horde.

Day Z  - An ARMA 2 mod which features survival-horror and shooter gameplay in an open world. The game is online multiplayer. Players must feed their character as well as deal with other players and the living dead.

Dead Block - Players must barricade themselves within a building while exploring to find items in order to complete each level.

Dead Island - A first-person, open-world game set on an island inhabited by zombies.

Dead Rising - A third-person action game, which allows the player to destroy zombies with various ordinary items and weapons—from benches and lawnmowers to guns and swords.

Dead Space - A science-fiction survival-horror game where necromorphs, generated from corpses infected by an alien virus, are the primary enemy. They are most effectively killed by "strategic dismemberment"—cutting off their limbs.

Half-Life series - The player confronts several alien life forms that invaded Earth due to a teleporter accident. The most prominent foes are humans zombified by some aliens called "headcrabs".

Killing Floor - A co-op, multi-player mod of the Unreal Engine. Players assume the role of squad members that must stop increasingly-powerful waves of zombies. Ammunition is scarce but can be bought with in-game money awarded for defeating zombies.

Left 4 Dead series  - A multiplayer game in which four survivors must cooperate to survive a zombie apocalypse. Notable being less of a horror-game, but instead playing out like a movie—complete with level-specific posters, end credits, idle conversation, and even a message at the end of a level stating, "[number of zombies your team killed killed] were killed during the making of this film".

No More Room in Hell - A multiplayer Half Life 2 mod with a focus on survival rather than dispatching zombies. The game is urrently in beta. The zombies are the slow-moving variety, though freshly-turned cadavers move faster due to the lack of rigor mortis.

Plants vs. Zombies - A tower defense game featuring a homeowner defending their home against zombies, which must be defeated by an assortment of plants with different offensive abilities.

Resident Evil series - A survival-horror series featuring flesh-eating zombies created by infection with the fictional "T-Virus". Most Resident Evil games have been notable for their extreme lack of weapons, ammo, and items, requiring you to manage your resources to win.

Space Pirates & Zombies - A shooter game set in space, containing role-playing and strategy elements. The titular zombies emerge late in the game and assimilate space ships and crew into an undead horde.

The Walking Dead  - An episodic, adventure/role-playing game based on the Walking Dead comic series and being developed by Telltale Games.

Zombie Panic! Source  - A multiplayer Half-Life 2 mod, in which players are divided into two teams, survivors and zombies. When survivors are killed, they become zombies.


This is just a small list of games that are out there with an undead theme to them. While there are certainly more, these just happen to be some of Game Monkey’s favorite picks for the month.

With so many zombie-slaying games to pick from, Game Monkey will not be giving out any bananas this month. Mainly because he is trying on his human costume and practicing his human call.

From Game Monkey - Have a Happy Halloween and Good Gaming!

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